Publications & transparency

Publica is owned by our member councils and being open and transparent is important to us. We are accountable to the councils and clients who we provide services for.

A nominated Councillor from each of the four councils (Leader of the Council) oversees the governance of Publica and takes any reserved matter decisions on behalf of the company.

One of the key planks of our Governance arrangements is the independent board comprising a majority of NEDs who have been appointed via a formal recruitment process. They are responsible for the ongoing oversight of the business and its operation to ensure the best outcomes are delivered for all stakeholders.

Additionally Publica and each of the councils have agreed communication and liaison arrangements which ensures that for those councils that receive all services from Publica the Business Plan and the Annual Report will be presented to formal open meetings of either the Cabinet or Council.

Each council's Scrutiny Committee monitors Publica's performance against Service Standards agreed by each council.

Whilst our structure and mission does not leave us bound by the standard public sector disclosure requirements, Publica are keen to act appropriately without putting onerous demands on the organisation, or sharing information which may become commercially sensitive as we develop. The information which we have deemed most relevant is therefore shared below:  

Our Transparency Disclosure

Senior Management Structure and Salaries

Company Articles of Association and Members' Agreement

Services Agreement - Cheltenham Borough Council

Services Agreement - Cotswold District Council

Services Agreement - Forest of Dean District Council

Services Agreement - West Oxfordshire District Council

Gender Pay Gap Report

Whistleblowing policy


Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy 


Statement of Accounts

Publica Group (Support) - Statement of Accounts 31 March 2019

Publica Group (Support) - Statement of Accounts 31 March 2018

Our Business Plan


By 2020... for our residents, councillors, staff, clients and other councils to notice visible improvements to how services are delivered

By 2021... for Publica to provide services to other councils

By 2025... for Publica to start providing services to other public organisations


Publica recognises that no improvements can be made unless our councils and residents have confidence that the things that matter to them are done well. Our first priority will always be to do the 'day job' really well.

Doing the 'day job' does not mean that we shouldn’t strive to improve the way services are delivered to make it easier to contact us and require less effort on the part of residents to get things done. We know that many residents’ contact with councils is around things that need to be done and we want to make this as painless as possible for residents. We want to make sure that people are clear about what we can and what we can’t do, to make sure that we meet customer needs. Our second priority is to transform service delivery and exceed service expectations.

We know that the only way to deliver great services locally is to employ people who want to live the Publica values and use their skills for the benefits of our member councils, our clients and our customers. Our third priority is to develop Publica people.

We understand that we have been established by our member councils to deliver even greater efficiencies which in turn protects critical local services to communities.  However, we do not just want to do the bare minimum but rather have ambitious long terms plans to transform the way public services are delivered in a connected world. Our fourth objective is to exceed the minimum business case financial targets.

View our Business Plan in full 



One of our company values is to be authentic so if you have any questions about Publica or the services it provides please contact a member of our Board and we will provide a full response.



Ten Years of collaboration and Sharing

Three years ago, four councils joined forces to create a local authority company to deliver shared services across the region. This is our story so far


Freedom of Information


Much of the data that Publica processes is owned by the Council partners and as such freedom of information requests should generally continue to be made directly to them.

Any requests relating to employment matters would fall to Publica and we will deal with any such requests under normal time limits.

If you wish to make an enquiry please contact us at