Living and working in the areas we cover

Cotswold District Council 

Cotswold District is a great place to live, work and visit, and we are rightly proud of our businesses, communities and residents. We are busy recreating a council that’s pro-active and responsive to the needs of our residents and businesses in a fast changing environment. That means we need to be ‘fleet of foot’ and look for innovative and creative ways to deliver against our Corporate Plan priorities.
Our main offices are based in the beautiful market town of Cirencester, Gloucestershire with ample parking and convenient location for the town.


Forest of Dean District Council

Our district is already a special place. We are looking for candidates that will help us improve it, making it an even better place to live, learn, do business and enjoy. To do this successfully, we need to remember its rich cultural and economic heritage and to build on the area as an aspirational place with a reputation for nurturing amazing people. We want the Forest of Dean district to be a place where residents have a fantastic work-life balance and feel secure in their communities – creating a draw for industry to nestle amongst the wild spaces. A modern, connected Forest with deep roots. So join us to celebrate this wonderful area; its towns, its communities, and help them thrive, by delivering good quality well paid jobs, enhancing our education provision, improving housing options and the social mobility of our young people
If you would like to make a difference in providing great public services to the Forest of Dean residents, come and work with us.


West Oxfordshire District Council

West Oxfordshire District Council is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing West Oxfordshire as one of the best places to live, work and visit in the UK. We provide a range of important services including waste and recycling collections, planning, housing, leisure, community safety and environmental health. The Council has an ambitious Council Plan focussed on a range of important priorities including climate action, strong local communities, and a vibrant district economy. We want to deliver excellent modern services whilst ensuring the financial sustainability of the Council. We also want to continue working in close partnership with our local communities and other important partners.

It’s an exciting time to join West Oxfordshire District Council.

Cheltenham Borough Council 

Our purpose

We want to make Cheltenham an even greater place for all; a place that is celebrated for its strong economy, its vibrant cultural offering and a place where our communities benefit from inclusive growth.

Our principles

Our priorities

Alongside this longer-term plan we will have a specific one year plan that will set out the details of the projects that will support the delivery of our priorities.
In addition, each service area will be asked to produce a service plan that will illustrate the link between service delivery and the corporate priorities.


 We're a friendly and ambitious company with a big responsibility. We help to keep the spaces and places where people live, work and visit clean, green and tidy. We impact the lives of everyone where we work so it's important that we always deliver quality and get it right first time.
At Ubico we want to promote an environment where our staff feel like part of the family, feel valued, safe and listened to and in return, want to play their part in making our company a success. We want enthusiastic and committed people who share our values and want to make a positive difference to Ubico and to the people and neighbourhoods we serve.
Ubico employs over 600 staff and operates 450 vehicles and plant over 1200 square miles of the most beautiful and vibrant towns, cities and countryside you’ll find. We want enthusiastic and committed people who share our values and want to make a positive difference to Ubico and to the people and neighbourhoods we serve.

Recognised by our customers and employees as a quality provider of sustainable services for our local communities, delivering best value and reliability.
In addition to securing new long term agreements with existing shareholders, the company will have further expanded partnership working and external sources of income by offering a wide range of competitively priced, reliable, integrated, environmental services. We will have enhanced our ability to rapidly adapt to market and environmental circumstances and the challenge of constant change.
We will also have a strong organisational culture that values and rewards customer focused, safety conscious, committed and productive staff.