Developing our staff

We know that to deliver the best possible services to residents we need to help our staff develop and grow. Aside from that we believe in supporting our staff to progress their careers and growing our own talent. That is why we offer a wide range of training and development opportunities for all our staff including:

Leadership programmes

 At Publica we want great Leadership at all Levels. To achieve this we have a Leadership Programme that is designed in collaboration with Oxford Brookes University to give all current, new and aspiring leaders the resources they need to improve.

Online training

Our online training suite available to all staff calendars gives access to training on a whole range of skills including people management, IT training, XXXX.
We want to ensure that all staff have access to development opportunities at Publica, whether it is for those who are looking to improve their people management skills or those that want to work on skills that will enable them to develop in their current role.

Bringing to life the Publica vision of ‘Leadership at all Levels’, the Leadership Programme is designed to give all current, new and aspiring...