At Publica we want to be an organisation where great people want to work, our approach to reward plays a big part in that. We consider the whole you and not just the bit of you that comes to work, so we take a total reward approach. We always try to be open, fair and consistent, clear about what we expect and what you can expect in return.


Health & wellness

Health and wellnessYour physical and mental health is important to us. Prevention is better than cure so we provide opportunities for access to gym membership, health screening, an employee assistance programme, financial education and a supportive working environment. Helping you to reduce stress and keep well. 

Good health and wellness increases productivity and makes for a happier workplace, and that’s good for all of us.


Work life balance

Work life balanceWe know there is more to life than work. We also know that your life outside of work doesn’t always fit nicely outside of traditional working hours. At Publica we provide you with choice and flexibility to balance your life, and make it work, in the way you want to.

Meeting our customers’ needs is our priority, as long as we do that, we can make our work fit around us. We provide choice over holiday allowances through our buy and sell holiday option. If you want a little less holiday in exchange for other benefits you can have it, or the other way around. Within reason we are flexible with when and where you work. Catching up in the evening so that you can attend sports day, or have a long lunch with a friend, or working at home because it allows you to concentrate on a specific work project or be in for the electrician. We believe in grown-up working. We also know that you are passionate about supporting others, so we provide up to two volunteering days a year for you to support a charity of your choice.


Education & personal development

Education and personal developmentYour career plans may be to move up and take on greater responsibility, it may be to move to a new function and change direction or you may just want to get better at the job you do. Whatever your plans we’ll give you the support, coaching, mentoring or training you need to get there. Stimulating lectures, work opportunities and secondments all form part of the development mix on offer.

At Publica training isn’t prescribed, you own and take responsibility for your development. All you need is the desire and commitment to do it. At the end of the day, your development is our development.


Family & dependants

family and dependantsWe understand that you have to juggle life outside of work and we don’t want you pulled in two directions when those commitments demand some of your time. Whether you have a new baby, childcare responsibilities or look after an elderly or sick relative we’ll support you. We provide options for parental leave, flexible working and time off for emergencies.



RecognitionWe recognise and celebrate contribution. When somebody does more than expected consistently we notice. Our approach to recognition is inclusive, we don’t give responsibility for recognition just to managers. Anyone can nominate a team or individual at any level or in any function across the company. What’s important is strongly demonstrating the values of ‘The Publica Way’, a positive attitude and commitment to deliver our business objectives.


Travel & cars

Travel and carsWhether you need transport to do your job or not we provide choice and options that are open to everyone. It’s not just cars, we provide a bike to work option if that’s more your style. We don’t have lots of different levels for different employees. We have one approach for everyone, that supports our ethos of being consistent and fair. 

When it comes to travelling and other costs associated with undertaking your work we leave it to you to claim reasonable expenses.


Working environment 

Working environmentYou spend a lot of time at work, so having a great working environment is important. Somewhere that is comfortable and inviting but also encourages creativity, collaboration and different working styles. If you need to work in a different location for the day, you should feel at home even if you’re using a hot desk.

As well as the offices we’re lucky to work in some of the most beautiful British countryside. We have charming stone cottages, historic woodland, fine dining and the meandering Rivers Severn and Wye. We feel our area has it all and is quite simply the best place to live and work in the UK.


Financial security & pensions 

Financial security and pensionsWe all want a certain level of financial security. But what we want in terms of financial security and pensions will depend on lifestage and personal circumstances. In the early years, maximising your earnings to save for a house, travel or have fun may be your biggest priority. Later you may want greater financial protection in the form of life and critical illness insurance and a plan for your retirement income. We provide choice, flexibility and a chance to change your priorities over the years as your life changes.

We also believe financial advice is important, understanding the different options and how best to achieve your life goals. So, at Publica, if you want it we provide access to independent financial advisers.


Pay & progression

Pay and progressionA great job is much more than just great pay, but it helps. We are transparent and clear about what we pay and what you need to do to earn it. Great people are key to our success so we make sure we can attract and retain great people by paying competitively compared to other organisations. This means keeping your contribution under regular review as well as the pay you receive for what you do.


Employee benefits site

Employee benefitsWe provide an easy to access and navigate employee benefits site to manage your benefits. Most importantly it provides a total reward statement that shows what you’ve got and how much it’s worth. It includes the benefits provided for free by Publica and the ones you choose and pay for yourself. You can make adjustments at the appropriate time if your priorities change.

Working for Publica also gives you access to lots of discounts and deals and you can take advantage of these through the portal.